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September 09


ImmuneHealth (“IH”) and Caprion Biosciences (“Caprion”) have completed an asset purchase agreement on September 9 by which Caprion acquired the immune monitoring laboratory and related service agreements.  This transaction excludes the clinical and sample procurement services that will remain as part of the existing ImmuneHealth activities.

Caprion will continue to carry out the immune monitoring services and has retained the technical, scientific and management teams to ensure a seamless transition of the scientific operations.

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About Caprion

Caprion is a leading global provider of specialized immunology and proteomic based analytical laboratory services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company has achieved strong growth in recent years based on rapidly expanding demand for the high impact immune monitoring services through its ImmuneCarta Business Unit   as well as its ProteoCarta Business Unit for the identification and quantification of proteins supporting biomarker discovery and validation. The acquisition of ImmuneHealth will provide our clients with a proximal service point to better support studies spanning both North America and Europe.

Caprion is well-positioned for continued growth particularly in the rapidly expanding R&D services markets of immune oncology therapies, precision medicine biomarkers and biologics drugs. The company, which currently has 120 employees in Montreal, will continue to operate mostly from its existing headquarters located in Montreal (Canada) while integrating the European operations and services.


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