Genetic biomarkers analysis

Looking for a large genetic analysis panel in a single contact? In need of expert regulatory knowledge with regard to a variety of samples (ISO17025, GLP, GMP & CLIA)? Want to put your trust in a partner flexible enough to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and thus benefit from the latest last innovations? Come and try our genetic analysis platform.
In 2012, ImmuneHealth took the decision to round off its offering with the integration of a genetic analysis platform made up of an experienced team and certified equipment (IQ-OQ-PQ).

The technologies available are :

  • Sanger sequencing (Life technologies, GA3130 and GA3730),
  • PCR and QPCR (Life Technologie 7900HT with 96 wells block or TLDA block)
  • Qiagen pyrosequencing.

The platform offers a complete range of services from the development and validation of custom methods, the transfer of existing procedures, the testing in a regulatory compliant environment, and also consultancy on specific molecular biology topics.

These services focus on two main applications:

Genetic biomarkers analysis in pre- clinical and clinical studies:

  • Pharmacogenetic markers
  • Gene expression
  • Analysis of the immune repertoire diversity at the TCR Vbeta level
  • Micro-organism detection/identification/quantification

Genetic characterization and QC for biologics

  • Regulatory grade Sanger sequencing of cDNA, plasmids, inserts…
  • Cell identity testing (DNA fingerprinting at the species or individual level…)
  • DNA/RNA quantification (copy number, transcription analysis, virus titration, infectious titer, residual DNA studies… )

As a result of this equipment park, the following extremely diverse applications are available:
  • Gene sequencing of cDNA, plasmids, inserts, HLA systems, small-size genome; methylation studies; mlst typing, etc.
  • Genotyping (SNP, SSR, STR, VNTR, DNA fingerprinting by amplification or restriction)
  • DNA quantification (gene copy number, insert, SNP quantification, viral DNA titer, infectious titer, residual DNA, etc.)
  • RNA quantification (RNA virus, RNAm profile, miRNA, etc.)
  • pharmacogenomics, gene expression profiling, etc. in the context of preclinical and clinical studies
  • ...